This course is a supplement to the primary Six-Figure Location-Independent Consultant course. This special course has additional techniques not in the primary consultant course. The information and techniques in this supplemental course will be extremely helpful to you if you've never started a consulting business before.

Here's what you'll get in this extra course:

  • Video Lessons: Getting Started From Scratch. This is an extra almost-hour of video where I lay out a specific plan for you to get your business started from scratch. I lay out everything, step-by-step on exactly what you need to do to go from zero to your first three clients. These lessons include techniques regarding:
    • Determining your initial level of location independence.
    • Setting up your laptop, internet, and website.
    • Setting up your banking, social media, and bookkeeping software.
    • Getting a good professional outfit and getting professional photos.
    • How to set up your initial fees and offering.
    • A specific 7-step marketing plan to get your first three paying clients.
    • Exactly how to work with your first three clients for maximum income and leverage.
  • One extra day of coaching with me. When you purchase the main consultant course, you get one day of email coaching with me. If you purchase this course as well, you will get another day of coaching for a total of two full days.
  • Audio Lessons: But I'm Not Good At Anything! Over an hour of audio that shows you that, yes, you actually are good at something and you actually do have at least one, if not several marketable skills right now that companies will pay you for. I walk you through several deep and specific exercises to pull out all the knowledge, skills, and talents you already have. This includes:
    • Several exercises that you can use to uncover your marketable skills.
    • Several real-life examples of successful consultants who made a lot of money who also thought they had "no marketable skills."
    • Exercises on how to determine how your skills will help companies (your future clients!).
    • How to monetize your hobbies(!). Instead of having your hobbies cost money, why not get them to pay you?
  • Audio Super-Lesson: How To Find Your Niche. This is probably the biggest question I get: How do I find a niche for my business? No problem. In this 18 minute lesson, I will go over about ten specific techniques that I have never talked about before anywhere else that you can use to determine your profitable market niche.
  • Audio Lessons: Consulting As A Side-Hustle. One of the best ways to get your consulting business started is to do it part-time, on the side, in addition to your current job. This is one hour of audio that will help you manage this, and get to the money as fast as possible so you can quit your job as fast as you can! It includes:
    • How to set realistic goals that you can hit fast.
    • How to plan and manage your time, so you can fit your job and your side business and the rest of your life into your regular week.
    • How to determine exactly when you can quit your job for maximum safety.
    • How to get and work with clients who will work with you part-time, even if you're not available during the day because you're at your job.
    • How to make sure you don't get fired or get anyone upset at your current job, and stay out of trouble while building up your side-business.

Your Instructor

Caleb Jones
Caleb Jones

Caleb Jones, a.k.a. Blackdragon, is an entrepreneur who runs three location-independent Alpha 2.0 companies that provide him a solid six-figure income that only takes 15 hours a week to maintain. He is a business consultant, author, speaker, dating and relationships expert for men, and world traveler. Over his 25+ year career as a professional consultant, he has worked with hundreds of companies large and small in scores of industries all over the world. His blogs have over a million readers per year. He has written seven books which have sold hundreds of thousands of copies. He teaches men how to live lives of maximum freedom (The “Alpha Male 2.0 Lifestyle”), how to start and maintain location-independent businesses, and how to maximize freedom-based relationships with women. He also owns a technology services marketing company.